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Shows, Events and Good Times

"And the men who hold high places must be the ones who start, to mold a new reality closer to the heart.

The blacksmith and the artist reflect it in their art.  They forge their creativity closer to the heart.

Closer to the heart..."


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Our Business

After working and living for many years in the central Pennsylvania area, Doug and his family moved to Potter County.  Opening the shop has been a life long dream.  Doug's interest in early american life has led him down this path.  Doug can be found around his shop most days.  If he is not working to fill orders, he is constantly trying to expand his craft by trying to make new items.  Doug has always had time to share with other artisans along the way, and for his work he was awarded the Pennsylvania Wilds Artisan Trail Artisan of the year in 2012.  Doug is a juried member of the PA Wilds Artisan Trail,and the Rt. 6 Artisan Trail.  Other local artisans and artists sell their wares through his store.  Workshops and demonstrations are conducted by Doug and his friends during the season.

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